This Saturday and Sunday is the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch and we want you to join us and get involved. As well as our own bird experts in our garden centres we’ve also called in the help of a couple of our friends from the RSPB who will be at Castle and Poundbury Gardens over the weekend to give you help and advice on spotting birds and keeping them happy and healthy.

Last year over 600,000 people recorded a massive 10,262,501 birds in their gardens which was a staggering result – importantly this provided much needed information on how smaller birds were recovering after the harsh winter we had just endured. This year the climate has been completely different and the milder weather has had an effect on sightings so we’d like to see proof of the types of birds you see! Upload your photos to our facebook page and challenge your friends to see who can take the best snap. We’ve got plenty of counting forms in our Garden Centres for you to collect or you can download them from here and remember to submit your results here too.

Happy watching