There’s nothing like a group of young people getting together in the garden to liven things up!  Their sheer enthusiasm and ability to learn quickly is so refreshing and we’ve decided to capture this with a new club Brimsmore Young Gardeners!

Every week there will be a new topic including; planting seeds, helping the environment, potato growing, competitions and more…you never know, if you come along, you may be able to teach the oldies a thing or two! Look out for further information in Brimsmore Gardens and download the essential after care forms from our website. So far, we’re running the following projects.

19 April to 2 May – Potatoes – more than chips! See who can grow the most – bring your bags back in July and you might win a prize

3 May to 16 May – Sweetpeas – how to plant a sweetpea, and then it’s your job to nurture and care for it at home

17 May – 30 May Pumpkin planting competition – harvest in August and a prize at Halloween for the best carved pumpkin

31 May to 13 June Sunflower competition – prizes for the tallest, sunniest sunflower face and most seeds!

Adam and the team at Brimsmore Gardens