We’ve welcomed local community group Rendezvous to The Butterfly House this week and they’ll be with us until 20th August so come up and see them – they have on display a huge selection of art in various different styles from local artists, photographers and school children.

As well as an impressive display, which by the way is free to come and see, Rendezvous are also holding a charity art draw. There are 128 pieces of art up for grabs, some of value and others mark the beginning of what could be the start of a great career for a ten year old so could be worth something in the future. It’s luck of the draw, each ticket costs £15 and on 20th August they will reveal which ticket belongs to each piece of art.  Definitely worth a gamble!

Also, if you haven’t already been over, then do come and see the wild flower meadow in our car park – it was created by our local hero and wildlife expert Clive Farrell. It’s in full bloom at the moment with beautiful shades of orange, red and yellow swaying over the mixed grasses. It’s doing a great job of livening up the car park and the wildlife have already paid several trips to gather food – it is basically a wildlife pantry or you could say our new ‘drive through’!