As September arrives it can either extend the summer and be glorious or bring showers and an early frost or two. One thing is for sure – we can’t predict the weather! What we can do as gardeners is to look ahead and plan and plant to brighten the months ahead.

So, armed with our top tips and ideas below, start to think about your garden – walk around and note down any gaps in borders, tired herbaceous plants that may benefit from dividing, and tricky patches on the lawn. We are always happy to offer help and advice – if we don’t know the answer then you can bet we have a colleague on the team who will!

Plant a tree whilst the soil is warm and moist | Love your lawn, feed, scarify and top-dress | Trim, scrub and tidy your patio, decking and garden furniture | Cheer up beds, tubs and baskets with a colourful display | Plant spring flowering bulbs | Brighten up your home with Orchids and Cyclamen | Use mulch to cover bare earth in your borders | Plant a rose from our specialist growers | Order an edible hedge | Plant a Beech, Hornbeam or Holly bush for wildlife to enjoy