Well, Christmas has well and truly arrived at Poundbury! We had crowds through the door at our Christmas display opening on Tuesday so thank you to everyone who made it. For those who didn’t make it over, fear not, below are some snaps from the evening and on Tuesday next week from 7.30pm the displays at Brimsmore Gardens will be open so head on down for a first look at the new themes and enjoy a glass of wine and first mince pie of many!

Now, back to some gardening, autumn is time to plant berries, currants, rhubarb and figs so this is when the range is at its widest. With this guide you can plan ahead and place an order for us to reserve from the fresh season’s stock as soon as it is available. We don’t stock the plants until they are ready to be moved to a new home – usually when they are dormant in autumn – so you can be sure of a great result when they wake up in the spring.

Here’s a top tip – think about planting an edible hedge or use standard redcurrants in a formal setting. Use Rootgrow to help the roots establish and these beneficial fungi will be friends for life with your plants.