Who would have thought we would have been in for such a glorious few weeks of dry weather following our blog in June about keeping our gardens well drenched? The wall-to-wall sunshine means that plants and flowers have had a great chance to grow and thrive, however the lack of rain means that it is important to spend a bit of time tending to them, whether it’s by applying mulch to preserve moisture in the soil, or soaking tubs and baskets with a dilute liquid fertiliser once a week. So to give your garden the best chance of fighting fit in the heat and avoid becoming dry and frazzled, really soak the garden well a few times a week with a hose or watering can,  this is worth much more than a little every day. If you have tubs and hanging baskets though, they will need a drench every day. Remember to water early in the morning or evening so the sun doesn’t singe leaves or flower heads.