The Gardens Group - Charlotte Seed Potatoes

It may only be July, but if you are partial to a waxy new potato on Christmas day, then now is the time to get planting those Charlotte summer seed potatoes. There’s no need to ‘chit’ and you’ll have your first crop by September. They’re a reliable salad variety, delicious hot or cold, and for a longer lasting supply, simply lift them out before the onset of frost, store in boxes of multipurpose compost and use as required… on Christmas day for one!


If you have a slightly smaller garden, you can still enjoy these delicious home grown spuds. Simply plant in a patio bag (or other suitable container) and allow the tubers to develop. Let the haulms (stems) die down and place the container in a frost free environment, such as a shed or a greenhouse, allowing the compost to dry. Now you can empty the bag as and when required.


Now in stock at all three of our garden centres and available in packs of five tubers for £3.