Autumn leaves

As the most traditional planting season, autumn is a busy time in the garden with a beautiful array of plants to get established before the winter chill truly sets in. Most autumn gardening is about planning for the year ahead, and thanks to a good summer, the soil will still be warm and usually moist, perfect for giving plants the chance to grow roots, which should see them through winter and right up to spring.

This month will see a wide range of ornamental and fruit trees available as well as bush fruit, such as Black, White and Redcurrants, Gooseberries, Raspberries and Figs.

Mid-autumn will see a wonderful selection of Roses available, as their quality tends to be better late October compared to any other time of year. They might look like a thorny collection of twigs when you buy them, but be patient, soon the garden will be bursting with leaves, flowers and roots.

So, don’t let the cooler weather put you off, get out into the garden now so you can reap the rewards next spring.