As the last bit of the tinsel has been swept up and the first of the snowdrops begin to bloom, we’re looking forward to welcoming the longer days, warmer weather and getting stuck into new projects.

Making a positive impact on the environment has always been a goal of ours but this year we’re trying to be even better at reducing waste, lowering our carbon footprint and protecting wildlife, as we feel we have a great opportunity, as a garden centre, to lead the way. So far, we’ve hit the ground running, as we’ve been busy collecting Christmas trees purchased from us last year and will be using these in local soil improvement initiatives.

To keep the positive momentum going, we’ll be on the look out for opportunities to make a difference, whether it’s inspiring young people to get involved in gardening, educating gardeners on creating wildlife friendly havens or supporting local charities and initiatives, so watch this space and see how you too can get involved!