We are delighted to announce a new candle recycling scheme operating at each of our garden centres, where businesses, churches and individuals can deposit their used candles. These will then be collected by The Recycled Candle Company, which produces hand poured luxury candles using only recycled wax. Part of a circular trading model, designed to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint, this new initiative will help the UK’s only wax recycling business keep 40 tonnes of candle wax from ending up in landfill.

This is a great opportunity to join forces with local businesses to reduce our impact on the environment, while helping consumers to reduce their landfill waste. We have seen great success with other schemes, such as sending plant trays back to suppliers to reuse and collecting empty compost bags to use in the garden centres, so we are confident that this will be another well received offering for the local community.

Any candle that is not in a glass container can be recycled at Brimsmore Gardens, Castle Gardens and Poundbury Gardens, seven days a week. The Recycled Candle Company can remove other elements, such as wicks and tea light metal, once they have gathered them from the various collection points.