We are very excited to announce the launch of our very own newspaper!

Hot off the press, The Gardener’s Post is a bi-annual newspaper put together by our team members to share stories and advice for the garden. This newspaper is for all gardeners, either experienced or new, and will feature lots of tips on how to create a healthy biodiversity within the garden , in order to provide aid to wildlife visitors and make the most of the green spaces that we all call home.

The Gardener’s Post was born from a traditional idea to enjoy the tactile nature of newspaper between your fingers but has been produced with a revitalised approach and contemporary design to be an informative guide, that we hope, people will want to keep.

We have been careful to source recycled paper, printed upon with vegetable ink, to make this newspaper completely biodegradable so that you can reuse these in your garden, whether in the compost heap for mulch or as a handy tool to keep in your potters shed.

Our Spring/Summer newspaper is now available in all three of our garden centres and you can pick up your free copy when you pop by.