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Welcome to The Gardener’s Guide – our homegrown archive of information, advice and tips for every corner of the garden.

Here, our knowledgeable team will share their many years of experience to help make those new challenges in the garden that little bit easier.

The Gardener’s Guide has been created with gardening beginners in mind, as they embark on a journey to care for their little patch of the country, but even the most seasoned of horticulturalists may find a few useful tips along the way too.

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Emily Bulloch's beginners guide to Hellebores.

Tree Care

Steve Fry's beginner's guide to tree care.

Rose Pruning

Adam Wallis' guide to rose pruning.

Orchid Repotting

Sarah Edmondson's guide to repotting your orchid.

Orchid Care

Sarah Edmondson's guide to caring for your orchid.

Modern Composts

Adam Wallis' guide to using modern composts.

Seed Potatoes

Kyla Foster-Shaw's beginners guide to planting seed potatoes.

Different Types of Christmas Trees

Josh Trevett showcases the different types of Christmas Trees available at The Gardens Group this Christmas.

Christmas Tree Care

Jon Nash showcases how to care for your Christmas tree to keep it thriving through the festive period.