As we continue to demonstrate the positive impact that gardening can have on both people and planet, we have installed the Harvst WaterMate system, the first and only solar powered automatic watering system to be made in the UK, at Castle Gardens. We are the first demonstration site in the South West, and we are thrilled to showcase this effective and efficient watering system to our customers.

This is a very exciting new product, which could resolve many barriers that gardeners of all levels of expertise can often face, such as not having the time to water effectively and efficiently. The micro irrigation drips, which feed the plants whether they are in a greenhouse, polytunnel, bed or pot, are impressive, as they are sensor controlled, meaning they will drip water based on the heat, humidity or moisture level of the soil.

What is also important about the launch of this product, is how it highlights the importance of harvesting rainwater in some shape or form. As we witness the effects of climate change every season, we are reminded how precious a resource water is.